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Maximize the Economic Benefit to the
Truckee North Tahoe Community
  • We recognize that the Airport District has a responsibility to the local community that extends well beyond pilots and air travelers.

  • There is a perception that the community subsidizes the airport but the opposite is true: TTAD generates in excess of $70 million in net economic benefit to our local economy each year.

  • The airport has more capacity to improve the lives in the Truckee North Tahoe community than almost any other jurisdiction

Advance Safety
  • Truckee’s mountain environment and mix of traffic types requires informed investment in facilities and air traffic control resources.   

  • The devastating Challenger jet crash in 2021 would have been avoided if Truckee had a straight-in approach with adequate landing distance.  We’re calling on the Airport District Board to make the necessary investments to the one runway that enables straight-in arrivals over unpopulated areas.

  • We also need to invest in the control tower, not eliminate it, in order to deal with the mix of aircraft types that fly in and out of the region

Reduce Noise
  • Aircraft noise is a nuisance and the primary negative impact of our busy airport. We are committed to implementing solutions to reduce noise.

  • Reducing noise is achievable, but requires informed investment in improved air traffic procedures, tower staffing, and coordinated pilot outreach.

  • The initiative to close the air traffic control tower will actually make this problem worse.

Inspire through STEM and Human Engagement

  • The magic of flight has a unique ability to inspire. We support youth-focused aviation programs such as Mission to Mars that nurture STEM skills needed to develop the next generation of engineers, scientists, pilots, and mechanics.   

  • Beyond STEM, community events such as the airshow bring us together for shared enjoyment and awe.    

  • We aim to have the airport engage more directly with its community and become a vibrant local asset and community space.

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