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FOTTA Endorsement

FOTTA is endorsing Kat Rohlf and Mike Daniel in the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board election.

Why this Matters:

As a group of locals who love both our community and the Truckee Tahoe Airport, we know first-hand how important this November election is for the future of both. Contrary to what you may be hearing, the airport generates significant economic and other benefits for the entire community – not just its users. The airport generates more than $70M annually for our local economy, 10X more than it receives in property taxes. (click here to view the Economic Impact Study from 2017). That money has and can continue to do an enormous amount of good for everyone who lives here.

The airport also provides us with critical services for firefighting, emergency medical, CHP and other services. It provides direct funding to several area non profits and works to support housing and other community needs. The airport is also a unique venue for stimulating youth interest in STEM skills – and supports youth focused aviation programs such as Young Eagles and Mission to Mars.


The Problem:

We strongly feel that two of the current board members, one of which is up for re-election, have taken the airport in the wrong direction. While possibly well intended, their actions have stalled new cost effective procedures to reduce noise and have proposed cost cutting measures that hinder aviation safety. They voted against holding the Air Show, against investments needed to improve safety and reduce traffic, and are intending to drive off current non-profit airport tenants. They have also spread a lot of misinformation about what can/cannot be done at a public airport.


The Solution:

To ensure we get the most out of the airport, we have to ensure that the airport continues to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. We need results-oriented board members who will listen to aviation experts and the pilots who use the airport regularly. We need board members who recognize the value of funding area non-profits that can foster a love of aviation in future generations through STEM programs. That is why we are endorsing Kat Rohlf and Mike Daniel in this year’s election.
Kat Rohlf for Truckee Tahoe Airport Board

Kat Rohlf has lived in Truckee for two

decades, she has raised her kids here and she’s invested in what is best for our community. She has been serving as board chair for the past two years, but she’s been involved with the airport for the past 7 years. In that time, she’s gotten to know the pilots and staff, and has made a real effort to learn the ins and outs of the operation. She’s shown a willingness to work with aviation experts, instead of alienating them like some other board members.

Kat has also worked tirelessly to make sure the airport gives back to the community in a transparent fashion. She has voted ‘yes’ to support numerous local nonprofits, helping to fund many STEM programs that you can only find in a community with an airport. Meanwhile another sitting board member who is running for reelection, has voted against funding many deserving organizations. We believe Kat Rohlf has the experience and temperament to lead the airport in the right direction.


Mike Daniel For Truckee Tahoe Airport Board

Mike Daniel and his family moved to

Truckee in 2014 to join a community they hoped would foster the lifestyles they loved and lived. He’s loved aviation since he was a child, and as a pilot he can bring a fresh perspective to the board. Mike’s focus is on safety and noise reduction – exactly where it should be. You cannot ensure airport safety by diverting funds away from the airport. You can not reduce airport noise effectively and efficiently by dismissing or alienating the pilots who are using the airport. You cannot inspire the youth by voting against the airshow and the local non-profits that provide STEM programs.

Mike is a local small business owner and he’s invested in our community. He plans to support the construction of an Innovation Community Hangar to be used by our youth and to provide hands-on experiences in aviation education. We believe that Mike will bring energy, enthusiasm, clear decision making and some much-needed expert knowledge of aviation to the airport board.

We encourage you, also your friends and family to vote for Kat and Mike this election and head over to their websites to add your name to their list of supporters.


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